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"Rattle Snakie" 2 oz. Jigging Spoon - Glow in the Dark - shown approximately actual size
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Rattle Snakie 3/4 oz. Jigging Spoon  - Fluorescent Chartreuse - shown approximately actual size

Welcome to the Bass'n Bait Company!

'Bass’N Bait’s Rattlin’ Snakie Jigging Spoon has been deadly on Lake Erie, catching the Ohio 9˝-pound record smallmouth.' - Dale Hollow Lake Smallmouth Bass Fishing Guide ( - Source: Bassmaster – March 1995 - Smallmouths in Weeds: Some of the Biggest Bronzebacks in a Lake Can Be Found in Weedy Cover - article by Don Wirth

Since 1987, Ron Perrine's Ohio-based BASS'N BAIT COMPANY has been the exclusive manufacturer of THE ORIGINAL SNAKIE SPOON and RATTLE SNAKIE JIGGING SPOONS.   Ron's decades of experience make him the "pro you want to know" when it comes to catching big fish.

'Randy VanDam was fishing smallmouth with Ron Perrine, a noted Ohio angler and lure manufacturer, and Phil Smathers, Tri State bass tournament director, when the big moment came. Randy was using a ½ ounce Rattle Snakie jigging spoon in a gold prism color of Perrine’s design when the big fish struck.'  - linked to Ohio State Record article

Coveted by smallmouth bass fishermen and highly effective for any desired game fish, SNAKIE SPOONS come in a variety of weights and colors to give you the edge in any setting, under any conditions.

The RATTLE SNAKIE JIGGING SPOON will increase your catch for all bottom-feeding fish.  Our special rattle chamber magnifies its noise up to ten times under water.  Fish feed to noise and vibration, so our special design will help you increase your catch for all game fish.  Comes in 6 colors in 8 sizes.

'When the Ohio team won the Northern Divisional B.A.S.S. Federation tournament in 1988, team members relied on a secret weapon – the Snakie Spoon.  The lure accounted for more than half of the 114 pounds of bass the team caught during the three-day event, and gave them a victory margin of more than 12 pounds.'  - linked to Secret Weapon article The ORIGINAL SNAKIE SPOON WEEDLESS is excellent for fishing heavy cover such as timber, lily pads, moss and other vegetation.  The spoon is also highly effective with a variety of trailers, such as pork strips, plastic grubs, skirts, dri-rinds, scented rinds, etc.  The SNAKIE SPOON is adjustable for extra action or slower retrieval. Comes in 12 colors in 2 sizes.